Facilities available for the students on campus

KMC College of Nursing and Paramedical Sciences is integrated with fully equipped laboratories to impart essential practical knowledge to the students and help them get a hands-on experience.


This laboratory is for the students of B.Sc 1st year (Nsg), to develop the skills needed for imparting basic nursing care like meeting personal hygiene needs - elementary needs.

The laboratory has a highly advanced mannequin with special features to help understand basic and advanced nursing procedures. Special beds like fully fowler beds, partial fowler beds, adult beds, paediatric beds, air beds and waterbeds are also available. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) can also be performed on the specialized mannequin.

Fundamental laboratory

The pre-clinical laboratory (anatomy and physiology) is spacious and well ventilated. A complete body-mounted skeleton and plenty of loose bones are available to facilitate student learning. It is equipped with charts and models of systems.

Pre-Clinical lab

This state-of-art laboratory allows the students to practice antenatal, intranatal and postnatal care before they go to the clinical setting. A mannequin is present to practice abdominal examination, delivery and episiotomy suturing. Newborn dolls and other instruments are also present for different obstetric and gynaecologic procedures making it an apt place to learn maternity nursing and child health nursing.

Obstetrics Gynecology laboratory

The laboratory is well equipped with simulator, mannequin, models and charts to carry out the following procedures:

  • Physical examination of children: height, weight, ead circumference, chest circumference, growth and development
  • Paediatric medication administration (oral, nasal, ophthalmic, intradermal and intramuscular injections)
  • Safety monitoring and restraining of children
  • Assessment of vital signs in children (body temperature and blood pressure)
  • Screening activities (growth and development)
  • Preparation and administration of paediatric medications (intradermal and intramuscular)
Pediatric laboratory

The community health nursing laboratory is designed for students to develop skills in primary care for individuals, families and groups in both urban and rural settings.

It provides facilities for students to practice skills related to community health nursing.


Under the guidance of a qualified dietician, the students are taught to prepare regular diets, diets for pregnant women and for those suffering from different illnesses. The laboratory is equipped with facilities for cooling, storing, preserving food and demonstrating the preparation of diet based on the nutritional needs of the people.


The computer laboratory with internet facilities is open for all students. Students are allowed free browsing for the completion of assignments, seminars and case studies.


Special Features

Anatomy lab

Nutrition lab

Computer lab

Biochemistry lab

Pathology lab

Audio-visual Aids lab

Fundamentals of nursing lab

Community of health nursing lab

Maternal and child health nursing lab

Student Amenities

KMC College of Nursing and Paramedical Sciences believes in giving the students multiple facilities and opportunities to showcase their talents, hone their hobbies and develop themselves personally. The college is equipped with a host of amenities for the students to experience and enrich themselves.



The nursing college has a high-tech digital auditorium, with adequate seating facilities.

Cultural & Sports

Culturals and sports

A wide range of sports and cultural activities are conducted that encourage all-round development.



The faculty are the main assets of KMCCON. We have eminent faculty with postgraduate qualifications and wide experience in the clinical field.



The college has an excellent library with more than 4000 books, international and national journals in the field of nursing. Internet facility is also available in the library for both students and faculty to improve their knowledge and skills.

Student Amenities


The students are provided transport facilities that enable them to reach the hospital and other areas of their clinical posting. The faculty also have pick-up and drop facilities between the college and the central bus stand.


Hostel facilities

Our hostel building has well-ventilated spacious rooms and is safe for student accommodation. It is equipped with a reading room, recreation hall, visitors room, sick room, and a hygienic kitchen which serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.


Clinical experiences

Students are offered hands-on (clinical) experience at Kauvery Hospital Tennur, Cantonment. Heartcity in Trichy comprises over 550 beds. The clinical supervision is undertaken by the efficient faculty of KMC College of Nursing. The clinical experience is integrated into their special learning needs.

Teaching and Evaluation Method

Teaching and evaluation methods

We adopt various innovative methods of teaching and evaluation to support - lectures, seminars, group discussions, roleplay, simulations and interactive sessions. Field trips are also used as evaluation protocols.